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You Need 3 Price Points for Patients

How much is a person willing to pay for the exact information necessary to decrease their migraines drastically? How much are they willing to pay to end their recurrent hemorrhoid pains? It turns out, not that much. That’s why you need 3 price points for your patients.

The Value of Health

Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of people who are willing to pay top dollar for the right care; it’s just that they are few in between. And they may not easily find your services online.

The majority of individuals have learned to value money for most of their lives. It’s not until their 40s when they start dealing with health issues. That’s when they have to face parting with their money or deal with the health suffering.

However, if someone suffers long enough or is facing death, they often will turn to spend their way out of the health problem. Sometimes due to desperation and sometimes because they now see the value of health.

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Offering 3 Price Points

As a Virtualist, people will find you for one of the following reasons. If you can understand this then you’ll know how to map your ideal patient journey.

  1. Ask you a quick question.
  2. Get a prescription.
  3. Figure out a complex diagnosis.
  4. Ease hypochondriac anxieties.
  5. Find support to help them change habits.
  6. Demystify the clashing information online.
  7. Looking for a tiebreaker consult.
  8. Get a second medical opinion.

As to why they are finding you, it often has to do with where they are at on their health journey. There are 7 steps in any disease process:

  1. Confusion + Denial
  2. Suffering + Despair
  3. Frustration + Bargaining
  4. Hopelessness + Loneliness
  5. Recovery + Hope
  6. Empowerment + Acceptance
  7. Rebuilding + Actions

Imagine a thick arrow with the most amount of suffering at #1 and the least amount of suffering at #7.

The 3 price points will help you offer something of value to whoever is on whichever part of the health journey. After all, we are in perpetual loss of health.

How much of yourself are you willing to dedicate to a consult? That’s the price tag you should put on that consult. Most people can afford $400 for a 1-hour consult, but they likely wouldn’t pay it because … well, because Aetna says their copay is only $50.

Choosing Patient Pricing Packages

Start with your most expensive price point; the now where you dedicate 90% of yourself to this person who is genuinely seeking your guidance and help in order to find their balance back to health.

Price Point #1

This is a 1-2 hour consult where you are diving in deep with the ideal patient who is dedicated, not projecting too much, inquisitive, in minimal denial, and ready to change.

In the stages of change this person is in action mode. They will vet you but they have enough insight to know whether you’re worth the money and time.

I know I’m not that great of a physician – I’m okay but not top-notch. So $500 per hour is pretty damn fair.

Price Point #2

This is the price point where someone is closer to the Contemplation or Preparation stage or maybe even at the Action step of the Stages of Personal Change paradigm above. But their brain tells them that paying $500 to a doctor an hour is ridiculous. “What the hell they gonna do for me, cure me?!”

This person might be willing to pay $100-150 to whet their whistle; to dip their toe into that healing pool. You don’t have to put 90% of yourself into this – this is more like a 55-60% of your full self.

This is nice because being “on” all the time is exhausting. Going off of the $500/hr rate, you can offer 15 minutes at $99.

Price Point #3

This last price point is for the patient who would feel better if they felt like they are spending at least some money on solving their health problem.

This person is likely in the Precontemplation or Contemplation phase and often will spend money to tell themselves or friends/family that they really are dedicated to their health and want to change.

$25/mo for a membership in your Online Digital Course or Group Coaching is ideal for this person. Expect a 60% attrition rate and a 10% course completion rate.

Different Price Points

You can extrapolate the above in many different ways. Having 3 price points could look like:

  1. $10k full health screening package
  2. $3,200 cancer screening
  3. $500 DIY health screening
  1. $1,800 face aesthetic consult
  2. $500 face prescription package
  3. $99/mo Facial Rejuvenation Group
  1. $2,500 Oncology 2nd Medical Opinion
  2. $999 Pathology review
  3. $250 Colon Cancer Dx Course
  1. $850 1-hr AMA
  2. $500 30-min AMA
  3. $300 15-min AMA

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