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Writing the Perfect Physician Resume

If you’re applying for just another clinician job, you don’t need to write the perfect physician resume. But if you’re applying for something unique—maybe something for which you don’t have the pedigree or expertise—it’s worthwhile to spend money on an expert who can write the ideal physician resume for you.

There aren’t a lot of professional resume writers for physicians. Those who can do it often only have good editing skills but not enough industry experience to know how to best format that resume.

Writing the Perfect Physician Resume

I offer a professional resume service on Fiverr to help doctors improve their chances of landing a desired job.

The ideal resume should have all the right keywords, which are indexable by HR software. That’s how most great jobs work these days – they are digitally screened.

That resume should look great – that’s the formatting part. If it’s cluttered or has excess information, you’ll come across as disorganized.

Finally, your resume should highlight all your weaknesses or flaws. By flaws, I am referring to medical board investigation, malpractice cases, or any other negative mark on your professional record.

Resume Length

When I write resumes, the majority of time is spent cutting the content down and creating that perfect narrative. The narrative is everything; I know this because I have hired a lot of physicians over my career and have interviewed and continue to interview for lots of gigs.

Your primary resume only needs to be 1 page – maximum 2. That’s what the perfect physician resume conveys: the ability to summarize your thoughts well.

You can have all the other details supported online on websites such as LinkedIn. There, you can go into a lot of detail to explain the kind of work you have done and the experiences you’ve had.

Professional Resume Services for Doctors

I have a friend whose wife edits physician resumes. I say edit because she’s not a physician. She doesn’t offer interview coaching – she only rewrites and changes the format of what’s already given to her to spice thigns up.

A professional resume service needs to do far more than that. Because the difference is whether you’ll outcompete other applicants or sway the interviewer in your direction.

Here is another article I wrote about resumes in the past. A lot has changed since then. The competition is getting stiffer, the HR software has changed, and you need far more than good formatting to land the better jobs in healthcare.

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