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Paycheck Update: 12/31/2015

Final Paycheck For 2015, What I Do With My Paycheck

Final paycheck for 2015. Total net income of $10,272. As usual, a lot of it went into retirement/savings. I’m starting to fund my emergency fund again which I depleted in order to pay down my student loans.

I’m keeping a little in my checking account as always to cover upcoming expenses. YNAB is now web-based which is fantastic. Here is a screenshot of my categories:

And for the first time, in a long time, I’m sending money to my taxable investments again. In my private brokerage account I have about $30k invested. I am going to slowly build this up.

Looks like for 2015 I made a gross of $260,000 from wages. Another $52,000 was set aside towards retirement (401(k) matching, 401(a) and cash balance plan) which came out of my employer’s pockets.

I was able to set aside $18,000 from my gross income into a 401(k). I also did a backdoor Roth IRA. Next year a HSA will be available which is another tax advantaged account that one can take advantage of (if offered by the employer).


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