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When Were These Meds Discovered?

Quick Timeline Of Discovery Of Common Medications

It’s hard to see a patient these days in the urgent care without prescribing a medication. Among my own friends I can’t think of anyone who is medication free. It’s either blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, anti-depressants, allergy meds or hypnotics.

I got curious as to when some of the most common meds which I prescribe first hit the market. So here is what I found in chronological order.

  • nitroglycerin 1847
  • aspirin 1897
  • oxycodone 1917
  • insulin 1923
  • hydrocodone 1924
  • hydromorphone 1926
  • acetaminophen¬†1950
  • chlorthiazide (first BP med) 1958
  • propranolol 1964
  • ibuprofen (OTC in 1983) 1969
  • cyclobenzaprine 1972
  • captopril (first ACE inhibitor) 1977
  • lovastatin 1982
  • azithromycin 1982
  • verapamil 1982
  • metformin (UK started it in 1958 – US lagged) 1994

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