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Weekly Free Friday Q&A

Welcome to my new and hopefully functional Weekly Free Friday Q&A starting Friday, September 16th, 2022, 8-9 am. That’s tomorrow for those of you who are subscribed to this website.

The Weekly Free Q&A sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Digital Nomad Physicians Youtube channel. If you share something personal, of course, be aware of that. But you can always attend and ask anonymously.

Add it to your Google Calendar using the button below:

Details for the Weekly Meeting

I chose 8 – 9 am Pacific Time since that’s the most convenient time for me. If you prefer a different time, vote below, and I’ll consider changing it.

Video call link:

Phone access in the United States (US)

+1 617-675-4444 PIN: 802 199 496 7312#

More phone numbers:

How to Join

You should be able to use the Google Meet link above and join the Weekly Free Q&A’s.

When you enter the meeting, please tell me what kind of specialty you’re in or whether you’re a medical student or resident.

I suspect it’ll be pretty anemic initially, but use the raise-hand feature to get in the question queue.

Why a Weekly Free Q&A

I am now charging $600 per hour for my physician career consulting. For those in training and unemployed physicians, this is a bit steep.

The weekly meeting is a way for me to offer some insight into your issues without the cost. And hopefully, I will learn a lot, and you can test my knowledge on the fly.

2 replies on “Weekly Free Friday Q&A”

Hey Dr. Mo,

Will you be doing another round of this this Friday 10/7? I compiled a few questions that I have for you from previous posts of yours.

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