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Check Out the New Virtual Practice Builder GPT

Building your virtual medical practice is very similar to starting a physical practice. The main difference is the marketing strategy since you don’t have a shingle hanging. And since most of us don’t take insurance, the cash-pay model requires some logistical considerations for the patient. So I designed this Virtual Practice Builder GPT that you can interact with to build your online clinic.

For physicians interested in starting their own cash-based virtual medical practice, this website, the YT channel, podcast, and the online course should all be solid resources. In my opinion, it is indispensable because there is nothing else I’ve come across.

Chat GPT Virtual Practice Builder

Using Chat GPT’s GPT builder, I created the Virtual Practice Builder, an interactive tool for you to ask me any questions about building, growing, and branding your virtual medical practice.

It’s trained based on the content I’ve written about and other relevant content that applies to physicians building cash-based virtual clinics.

Questions to Ask the Practice Builder GPT

Here are a few questions you can ask that will help catapult your private practice:

1. I need help designing the layout of my website.

2. What are the best HIPAA-compliant patient communication apps I can use?

3. What things do I need to consider with Medicare opt-out?

4. I don’t like being on camera. What’s the best marketing strategy for me?

5. How do I design a good patient experience?

6. Help me figure out how much to charge for my patient care.

7. How much will my startup costs be?

I’ve taken the model through a few of these questions and trained it to offer you the right kind of advice hopefully. You will get more detailed information by being more specific about your unique medical practice.

Have fun. Let me know how it goes.

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