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The Fear Of Not Making Money

“What If There Are No Jobs And I Can’t Make Any Income”

It was 2009 when I remember all the news with the huge layoffs, the massive unemployment numbers and people not being able to find jobs. It was happening before that of course but that’s when the unemployment benefits were extended. I would see patients all the time that said they had zero income and were about to lose their homes, cars etc.

I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Portland, Or right now and I’m looking outside at the streets full of leaves, a gentle drizzle going on, a ton of foot traffic going past where I’m sitting and tons of people with dogs walking around. For 1pm on a cool Monday there sure are a lot of people out and about.

What I am seeing is opportunity. Even if I wasn’t a doctor, let’s say I lost my license because I did something egregious in my profession, I could right now think of a handful of things I could get into in order to generate income.

The streets are full of leaves, some trash lying around, it’s a little wet so that could lead to people slipping. I have no problem grabbing a rake and a large trash bin ($30 dollar investment) and go from storefront to storefront and just cleaning the sidewalks and streets. I bet you that if I show up there just 7 days straight eventually one of the shop owners will agree to pay me some money to come back regularly.

I could do the same for dog poop. Nobody likes picking up dog poop. I can walk around with a poop shovel and poop scoop and pickup poop. This would be a $50 investment perhaps and ongoing trash bag expenses. I’ll wear a sign or t-shirt with “Your neighborhood volunteer poop scoop. Donate freely.”

Or, I would offer to watch people’s bikes. Plenty of people roll up on their bicycles and don’t have a lock so they strategically place their bikes where they can see them or they have dinky locks that a dog could chew through. I would again start doing it for free or ask for a cheap donation. 30 bikes at $1 is $30. For someone who doesn’t have a job $30 should be fat cash.

Taking it up a notch, I could open a daycare. One of those places you just drop your kids off at for a few hours. My mom had a daycare so I have a good idea what all goes into one. My colleagues with kids use such facilities regularly.

I could also set up a mobile food cart. There is plenty of great information onlineĀ for my county. Thankfully Portland is an intelligent city so a lot of things are accessible and well thought out. Something easy to prepare, healthy and quick. If I am unemployed my time is free so even if I make enough to break even I’ll be just fine.

That’s it. This is the post for today. Am I worried that I might ever be without a job? Nope! If I am fortunate enough to have decent bodily function with arms and legs intact then I can make a living.


Do you have backup plans for your career?
What things are you doing on the side right now that you could potential generate income from?

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