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The Cost Of Moving Into A New Place

Renovations, Furniture, Paint… The Cost Of Personalization

As soon as I bought this condo I was already thinking about all the upgrades that I would like to do in it. For almost 2 days that’s what I was plotting when I had free time… dangerous! Especially because the human mind has a tendency to underestimate cost and time when it comes to certain things.

The bathroom really just needs a little plaster work and a paint-job. The tiles are old but in decent shape. The sink is chipped and scratched up but quite functional. The toilet looks like it’s from the 1950’s … and it probably is but once again, it is functional.


The kitchen also has a disaster of a sink that thankfully doesn’t leak anywhere, has no mold around it and is otherwise fine. It’s a single wall kitchen with an electric range and a dishwasher. The fridge is in the closet, where else!


What’s The Reason For The Urge To Upgrade?

Just today I started wondering why I even wanted to upgrade anything in the condo. I think it’s just my mind looking for something to do. And it’s my ego trying to personalize the space so that it reflects who I am. I am not saying that renovations and touch-ups shouldn’t be done. But, it’s easy to get carried away and do more than is necessary.

I wanted to build a new kitchen counter, with a built-in drawer fridge/freezer combo, a built-in range and cook-top. I wanted to put in a new bathroom sink and toilet as well as get new blinds. The total cost of all this would probably be around $10,000 and that’s with me doing the work. This doesn’t include new furniture and paint. Nor the extra months I would have to stay in my current apartment to get these upgrades done.

Right Idea But Wrong Time

If I was an older, wiser self I would advise myself that it’s probably better to wait before making any major changes to the space. One reason is that I might change my mind later on and want something else. Another reason is that this is my accumulation phase in my career. Whatever money I save now and invest will have many years to grow. Spending $10k is just one month’s paycheck but it could be worth nearly $60k in 30 years.

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