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The Advantage Of Not Having A Car

I woke up today, window was half-open, and there was a crisp fresh air in the apartment. I used my hand grinder and made a cup of fresh organic Brazil coffee. I used a mug that my friend Sari got me for the first time… what a thoughtful gift.

I journaled for a bit and looked up some hostels in Europe… no actual plans in mind just wanted to see what’s out there. I planned out my day and got up and showered. Then went to a new coffee shop just 2 blocks from my house for my second cup of the day and to read a new book I got from the library.

Bike Commute

I walked back to my apartment, grabbed my bike, and off to work. And here is the best part, a 19-mile commute in beautiful 60-degree weather, the sun barely poking through from behind the clouds, gentle wind, fresh air, and only a few cars on the road at 10 am.

These views are what make my bike commute totally worth it. The decision to get rid of my car was a fantastic one.

No Car Worries

Not having a car means I don’t have to worry about where to park it or whether someone might break into it at night.

I don’t have to navigate traffic in the morning, which would zap all of my focus and attention. And who wants to sit behind other cars looking at taillights?

Being car-free is important to me from a global perspective as well. I know that I won’t be fueling the oil industry and I won’t be helping support ill foreign policies.

Not that my actions would contribute in any way towards better policies or actually prevent wars in countries with oil – but at least I feel better about myself not contributing to that cause.

Not Owning a Car

If I don’t own a car then I have more headspace to dedicate to things that matter to me. I get to spend more time reading, rock climbing, and enjoying the scenery around me.

As I’m rewriting this post, it’s 2021, and I’m living in Oaxaca, Mexico. If I was spending so much of my time and energy and money on maintaining a car, I’m not sure I would have felt free enough to be here right now.

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