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Telemedicine Job Opportunities

A Few Decent Leads On Telemedicine Job Opportunities

I thought this was worth a post. Though I could barrage you with a ton of advertisers on my site, pretending to be guest posters, I would rather provide you with unbiased information (except for my own bias) that will keep more money in your pockets.

Telemedicine, telehealth, virtual medicine… whatever it will end up being called, is gaining traction for better or worse. A friend of mine and I who are all over the virtual scene, were commenting on the various players on the scene right now – each with their own gimmicks.

I see the telemedicine groups divided into 3 categories:

  1. Solid. Focusing on happy providers and providing care within their scope. Flexible hours for doctors.
  2. Out to squeeze the doctor. Heavy time commitments. Good patient practice model.
  3. Undercutting the competition. Minimal work for doctors. Poor medical care with shotgun prescribing.


I will leave the burgeoning startups out of the roundup because they are still trying to define their niche. If you are curious to learn about all the really interesting healthcare startups springing up, check out Startup Health.


Lemonaid Health

Let’s dive right into a few leads for you to pursue, in case you are interested in generating some of your income from telemedicine.

Lemonaid Health recently started advertising for clinicians on DOC. Their model is interesting because they are minimizing the information gathering which the clinician has to do and therefore can focus on the prescriptions instead.

I never worked on their platform so I can’t pass judgement as to whether they are yet another script pusher on the telemedicine scene of if they have a solid system.

There will be a ton of such companies in the future. The backbone will be an information-gathering software which will obtain all the pertinent positives and negatives and a well-packaged SOAP note which the receiving clinicians just to needs to sign off on.


American Well

I have mentioned these guys on here before and I really enjoy their practice style. This company definitely falls into the 1st category, mentioned above. They have regular townhalls for their providers to keep them informed and their telemedicine software is top-notch.

They don’t try too hard to advertise their job positions┬ábut they are one of the fastest growing companies on the scene with streamlined insurance billing. Watch for these guys if you have any interest in telemedicine in the future.

They limit the kind of medications that can be prescribed by their providers. They recently added gabapentin to the list of medications that cannot be prescribed through their telemedicine platform due to its abuse potential.

They don’t even want you prescribing medications for erectile dysfunction since they don’t want their services to be used for that purpose alone without doing proper examinations and testing to determine the underlying cause.

Of course, like pretty much all telegroups, there is no prescribing of controlled substances. And though some allow for muscle relaxers to be prescribed, AmWell limits this as well. I applaud them for this move.

They have different payment models, getting paid per patient (my favorite) or getting paid hourly, etc.

Their townhalls constantly focus on how to provide better care without overprescribing medications and documenting each encounter thoroughly.


Telemedicine For Non-MD’s

I’m amazed at how many non-physicians read my blog. Though my posts are mainly directed at the single, high earning, high-debt physician, I have NP’s, PA’s, pharmacists, RN’s and physical therapists reading this stuff.

NP’s and PA’s are already doing telemedicine even though many don’t think such opportunities are available. Fortunately, more and more medical groups are offering these options to their affiliate clinician pool.

Check out, which is one of the few sites actually listing telemedicine as a dropdown option for work opportunities.


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