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Telemedicine Branding Resources

Here are a few telemedicine branding resources for physicians who need marketing help for their new virtual practices.

A few have asked about some website designers, marketers, and content writers, so I wanted to list a few active people in this space as of 2023.

For up-to-date listings of branding resources, I recommend joining the Nomad Physician group on Linkedin or checking out my posts on Linkedin.

Website Designers

Most physicians starting their own virtual practices don’t need fancy websites. For the most part, a landing page will satisfy 95% of your needs.

A landing page is a relatively static page that offers information but doesn’t have many links, bells, or whistles.

My virtual primary care practice, Digital Nomad Health, is a simple site. I’ve written a few articles, and there is a link to check in as a patient on my Akute Health EMR.

Alexa @ has a few website packages under $8,000, which are a good start. It’s rare to find something decent for less than $3,000.

Content Writers

The written content must be designed strategically for your website and services to appear in a search engine. I’ve talked about SEO a few times on this site, so I won’t rehash it.

Claire, at ClaireBonneau, writes content for physician websites and is an RN.

It’s common for a writer to charge you per word. Many will have search engine optimization expertise and write content strategically.

Social Media Marketing

I don’t recommend marketing firms because it’s easy to get stuck with a company that doesn’t care about you.

Instead, look for an individual who offers a complete package and will handle all of your social media or someone who will give you the tools to do it yourself.

DPC Social has such programs, and for less than $100 per month, it looks like you can get some good content to post.

Justin & Kelley at intrepy help medical practices markets their clinics on social media and through other methods.

Where to Search for Branding Resources

It’s not mandatory to find someone who is a marketing expert for physicians. So here are some good resources to find telemedicine branding resources.

1. Word of Mouth

Contact fellow physicians who have their own practice. Ask them what worked for them and what didn’t. Ask who they would recommend for marketing.

Dentists and psychologists and podiatrists are other great resources. This bunch is often far more business-savvy and market aggressive.

2. Linkedin

If you are already live on Linkedin, I recommend reaching out to people to see if they can help.

Unfortunately, the marketing space has a lot of turnovers, so expect some no-replies.

3. Upwork

Upwork used to be quite good, but now, with many larger groups and non-US marketers, the quality is pretty bad.

But if you are good at screening people, you will find the diamond in the tough.

4. Small Business Association

Your local small business association will have some great up-to-date resources for people who are doing marketing.

You may have to interview a few people to find someone who understands the virtual practice marketing space.

5. EMR Company

Reach out to your liaison at your EMR company. They can often recommend marketing agencies or trusted vendors they work with.

DPC groups can also be a good branding resource, whether on FB or elsewhere online.

6. Coworking Places

If you are already working at coworking spaces, then I recommend checking out the directory. There are often marketing groups that can offer you a good deal on branding your telemedicine practice.

7. Reddit

Take the advice you get on Reddit with a grain of salt, but if enough people recommend someone or a resource, it’s worth trying it out.

If you get private messages from people offering their services, definitely ignore them.

Bonus: Inbound Marketing

If you find yourself at the receiving end of a cold-call inbound marketer who wants to market your virtual practice for you, ignore them, delete them, and don’t click on any such links.

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