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Your Investments Can Replace Your Income

Is your money invested in profit-generating assets or is it sitting around? Do you have different investment options but having a hard time deciding on where to invest your money? You definitely aren’t alone and it can feel a bit scary, as if you’re all alone when doing it. It’s wonderful to have the kind […]

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$200k Full Time Job Offer

I was offered $200k/year to take on more work One of my gigs is working out quite well for me. They are paying me a reasonable salary for some consulting work on their platform. We work well together, they have been transparent and I understand that they are trying to grow their company which explains […]

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I Don’t Miss Working

A Taste Of Going Back To Work Oh hell no! Gimme back my normal daily schedule of doing next to nothing, I don’t miss working. Last week I worked 20 hours and this week I’m gonna be working nearly 40 hours – how the hell was I able to do it before? It’s the constant […]