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Digital Nomad Physician

I’m surprised by how many physicians and medical students contact me on this blog to inquire about my digital nomad ways. I became a digital nomad physician in 2016 which seems appealing to other medical professionals who want to be location independent. In this post I’ll discuss what a digital nomad is and how to […]

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Doing Telemedicine While Traveling

I earned $422 today doing telemedicine. I kept track of my income for the day so that I could give you guys a glimpse into what it’s like doing telemedicine while traveling. For those who don’t know, I’m a US physician living in Seville, Spain. You can download my tutorial for doing telemedicine while abroad […]

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Book a Better AirBnb

I have stayed in my fair share of AirBnb’s. Just like any online transaction, you purchase it before you try it or see it. Some listings will look much better in a photo and get a kind description. In person, these AirBnb listings are often tiny, awkward, or plain nasty. To book a better AirBnb […]