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The Race to Zero in Cheap Online Medical Care

Looking for an online doctor? Would you like to have your penile discharge treated discreetly? Well, wait no more! We’ll PAY you to see us. Okay, that’s made up but there is a massive race to the bottom due to the competition in the online space. In fact, quite a few telehealth companies are making […]

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Direct Primary Care Model

A recently acquainted colleague has worked in various clinical settings as a primary care doctor and is looking to go on her own soon. She mentioned the direct primary care model which she wants to adopt, a term I wasn’t familiar with. To research this post, I must have visited 50 different websites. There are […]

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How Much Can You Earn With Telemedicine?

I decided to write this article because it’s a common question typed into a search engine. These curious minds end up on my site and often end up on my Teladoc article, where I talk about the income potential of telemedicine on Teladoc. Working full-time doing telemedicine is perhaps the most miserable thing I can […]

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Justifying Your Hourly Rate in Medicine

Some physicians are comfortable setting their hourly rate and don’t look back at it. Some of you have difficulty justifying your hourly rate unless you see others doing the same. In a healthy economy, prices evolve naturally based on the flow of goods and demand. When something is in high demand, prices go up, attracting […]

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Mastering the Patient Journey

I can’t compete with large medical groups on access, volume, or resources. But creating a fantastic patient experience is something I can do. Mastering the patient journey is my goal with my Heart Health Coaching and my virtual telemedicine practice. My girlfriend paid 150 euros for a cash-pay orthopedic surgeon in Madrid. She had her […]