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Justifying Your Hourly Rate in Medicine

Some physicians are comfortable setting their hourly rate and don’t look back at it. Some of you have difficulty justifying your hourly rate unless you see others doing the same. In a healthy economy, prices evolve naturally based on the flow of goods and demand. When something is in high demand, prices go up, attracting […]

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Mastering the Patient Journey

I can’t compete with large medical groups on access, volume, or resources. But creating a fantastic patient experience is something I can do. Mastering the patient journey is my goal with my Heart Health Coaching and my virtual telemedicine practice. My girlfriend paid 150 euros for a cash-pay orthopedic surgeon in Madrid. She had her […]

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Cash Pay Telemedicine Practice

This is my fourth attempt at building my cash pay telemedicine practice. Not that the other attempts were failures, but they weren’t the right fit. Telemedicine platforms, SaaS, and EMRs, have all improved, making this next attempt a better one. My Current Private Practice My current cash pay telemedicine practice is a word-of-mouth practice. I […]

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Telemedicine Legal Resources 2022

This is a list of telemedicine legal resources and documents for physicians who perform telemedicine visits or own their own telemedicine practice. 1. State Waivers for COVID-19 I expect some waivers to remain in place for a few more years due to the pandemic. The FSMB keeps this PDF updated regularly. It lists the states […]

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Telemedicine Policy for Second Medical Opinions

If you are interested in offering a second opinion service as a specialist, this article is for you. State telemedicine policy for second medical opinions is evolving in the right direction. In most states, you may not need a license to offer a clinical second opinion to patients there. As an oncologist, you likely work […]

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