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The Race to Zero in Cheap Online Medical Care

Looking for an online doctor? Would you like to have your penile discharge treated discreetly? Well, wait no more! We’ll PAY you to see us. Okay, that’s made up but there is a massive race to the bottom due to the competition in the online space. In fact, quite a few telehealth companies are making […]

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AMA Telemedicine Guide

The American Medical Association hasn’t necessarily been against virtual medicine, but they also haven’t really been a huge advocate for it, at least they haven’t put their weight behind any bills. Now, they have posted a rather comprehensive telemedicine guide on their website. And, as we know, once AMA puts opens their deep pockets, everything […]

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Telemedicine Rules For Each State for Physicians

There is a huge discrepancy between how telemedicine is practiced in a particular state and what that state’s telemedicine policies are. What physicians need to understand is that the Medical Practice Act applies to the physicians, which the medical boards enforce. The medical boards aren’t concerned with the companies which hire the doctors, even if […]

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Telepharmacy for Pharmacists

My pharmacy friends tell me that it’s increasingly harder to own and operate a private pharmacy but that working a retail pharmacy job sucks. Some seem to enjoy working for larger medical groups but they get destroyed because of the number of consults they have to do during each shift. A pharmacist doesn’t need diagnostic […]

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Telemedicine Job Opportunities

A Few Decent Leads On Telemedicine Job Opportunities I thought this was worth a post. Though I could barrage you with a ton of advertisers on my site, pretending to be guest posters, I would rather provide you with unbiased information (except for my own bias) that will keep more money in your pockets. Telemedicine, […]