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Funding Your Sabbatical from Medicine

The economy is doing quite well in the US and many physicians are considering taking a sabbatical from medicine. Funding your sabbatical is therefore the next consideration. Should you pay for it from savings, work and save up, or work while on your sabbatical? Funding Your Sabbatical It’s not just your travels and activities that […]

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$5,277 Income as a Medical Expert

I have written a lot about different medical expert platforms, such as Just Answer, as a platform for physicians to make some money. It’s great because you aren’t using your medical license to diagnose anyone. You aren’t writing prescriptions or managing disease, you are simply a medical expert. As a medical expert you are offering […]

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Becoming a Medical Expert for Clinical Consulting

A good friend of mine is a consultant for medical device companies who are trying to get their products through the FDA. She knows how to compile all the research information, write accurate product papers, and consult the right medical experts in order to get the product approved by the FDA. She has multiple medical […]

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College Teaching Experience Recap

There is a YouTube channel I love to watch, StarrTile. Watching someone who loves what they do never fails to inspire me. He made a comment recently after he was checking out someone else’s intricate bathroom tile job “I can’t wait to try something this complicated in a future project!” Remember that shit? When we used to […]

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Juggling Multiple Telemedicine Gigs

I went from working for one employer, Kaiser Permanente, to now having 6 telemedicine clients. The problem with having multiple telemedicine gigs is that it requires a lot of work to keep track of all of them. This post is a little about the juggling of multiple telemedicine gigs, the headaches and the solutions.   Multiple Telemedicine Gigs […]