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My Website, My Resume

Medicine – man, what a career. It’s a chaotic, lucrative, and rewarding mess which I’ve been involved in ever since 1996 when I decided to pursue it in undergrad. Medicine doesn’t care too much about my resume and so having a website to highlight my work is unnecessary. But my website is my resume when […]

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Writing the Perfect Physician Resume

If you’re applying for just another clinician job, you don’t need to write the perfect physician resume. But if you’re applying for something unique—maybe something for which you don’t have the pedigree or expertise—it’s worthwhile to spend money on an expert who can write the ideal physician resume for you. There aren’t a lot of […]

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Using LinkedIn Profile to Download a Resume

For the medical professional who wants to be able to select among the best jobs, it’s worthwhile to spend some time fine-tuning your LinkedIn profile. Even better, after you’ve got your profile done up all sexy, you can download the whole thing as a resume PDF file. I will show you how. This post was […]

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Your Medical Resume For Future Career Options

Medicine has turned corporate and few viable private medical offices are operating. Corporate healthcare isn’t a lot of fun but you can use your corporate job to build your medical resume in order to have future career options. A corporate healthcare professional is someone who has worked for a large medical group as an employee […]

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Register Your Name As A Domain Online

Whether you’re a pharmacist or cardiothoracic surgeon, I think it’s worthwhile to register your name and credentials online as a domain name. I will talk about this concept in this post, highlighting why it might benefit you to build your online presence. I’ve touched on it in previous posts, now I want to delve into it […]