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Buying Your Future Free Time

Free time to me is the time I get to spend doing what is important to me. Fortunately, buying your future free time is possible in most economies. Society and governments tell me that there is only one way to be productive in society and that I must spend the majority of my time working. […]

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Physician Productivity

The average physician has a working lifespan of around 35 years. Some will retire early and work only 25 years, while others will end up with 55 working years under their belt. I don’t hear or read enough about physician productivity in relation to the physician household – this post is about that. Physician productivity […]

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Working To Prevent Boredom

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether I am bored now that I am not working full-time. Dealing with boredom therefore is probably something that’s on people’s minds and worth discussing here. The healthcare professional can fall into the cycle of working to prevent boredom. The problem with that is that […]

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Productivity And Sloth

Is there value in being productive? When I finished medical school there was nothing I identified with more than being a doctor. It was everything. It gave me my self-confidence, it created a conversation piece, I dropped hints about it when meeting new people and it was my excuse for however I was living my […]