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Rebranding My Virtual Clinic

It’s been a couple of years since I started Digital Nomad Health, my virtual medical practice. I call myself a preventionist and even do house calls, among other shenanigans. As with any business, it’s good to assess whether it’s still in line with your passions, and that’s what sparked the rebranding of my virtual clinic. […]

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Justifying Your Hourly Rate in Medicine

Some physicians are comfortable setting their hourly rate and don’t look back at it. Some of you have difficulty justifying your hourly rate unless you see others doing the same. In a healthy economy, prices evolve naturally based on the flow of goods and demand. When something is in high demand, prices go up, attracting […]

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How Much To Charge Per Patient

Let’s do the math on spending more time per patient. That’s often the point of contention anyway, isn’t it? If you spend 1 hour per patient you wouldn’t make enough to sustain your medical career. But in fact, I’ll argue that your income per patient would be higher if you spent more time per patient. […]

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Why Patient Empowerment Matters

Patient empowerment is putting the patient back in the driver’s seat. It’s making you their medical expert but helping them feel like they are in control. It’s what a lot of psychotherapy is designed to do. And yet in western medicine, our patient-doctor relationship often creates a power dynamic that achieves the exact opposite. Empowering […]

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Rebirth of Urgent Care Medicine

Some of you who’ve been reading my stuff know that this website was first called I loved urgent care medicine so much that I dedicated most of my writing to spread awareness of the joy of working in this field. And I find that there is this rebirth of urgent care medicine – so […]