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Why Patient Empowerment Matters

Patient empowerment is putting the patient back in the driver’s seat. It’s making you their medical expert but helping them feel like they are in control. It’s what a lot of psychotherapy is designed to do. And yet in western medicine, our patient-doctor relationship often creates a power dynamic that achieves the exact opposite. Empowering […]

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Rebirth of Urgent Care Medicine

Some of you who’ve been reading my stuff know that this website was first called I loved urgent care medicine so much that I dedicated most of my writing to spread awareness of the joy of working in this field. And I find that there is this rebirth of urgent care medicine – so […]

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Demonstrating Value to Patients

You can buy a cup of coffee at 7-Eleven for $1.50 or you can buy a $4.00 cup at Timeless Coffee. One therapist charges $75/hr and another $400. As consumers we know there is a different in value but it isn’t always easy to explain it. Take a Kia sports car and compare it to […]

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Virtual Bedside Manner

As I’m building my own telemedicine company, it’s important that I master the virtual bedside manner. Well, maybe not master it, but I have to make sure that I’m getting across exactly what I aim to get across. I think most of your guys would agree that our bedside manner in the clinic can make […]

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Starting a Private Telemedicine Practice with VSee

A year ago I shopped around for telemedicine software to start a private telemedicine practice. I came across a few options but they were either cumbersome, expensive, or only available to large medical groups. From all of the telemedicine services I have used, I haven’t found a single one which I liked and even though […]