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Dreading Clinical Work

15 years ago I applied for my California state medical license and began moonlighting in my second year of residency. Until 20212 I was excited about clinical work and felt challenged in all the right ways. These days, I mostly have a feeling of aversion towards the practice of medicine. I dread clinical work and […]

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What Did We Demand During Covid Times?

As physicians, what demands did we make during this pandemic? What did we ask for in return for losing a lot of income, having to close down our clinics, having to see high-risk patients without a lot of support? There is nothing wrong with having physician demands and nobody would know about them unless we […]

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Economic Violence Against Doctors

Doctors are not poor but heavily dependent on their medical licenses in order to earn an income. More so than anyone else in another profession, our licenses mean everything to us. We spend over a decade to get to a place where we can see patients independently. This license is what’s used to inflict economic […]