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More Per Diem Work in Los Angeles – Round #2

I haven’t resolved my feelings towards medicine, yet. Love the science, love the challenge, but hate the system. I have decided to head back to the US for more per diem work in Los Angeles. Will I love it, will it feel like a drag? This is round #2 for me. I have my flights […]

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Termination as a Per Diem Physician

I got this email from one of the telemedicine companies for which I did per diem work and thought I’d share it with you guys. It was a blank email with this pdf attached which they have also snail-mailed to my house. It’s in response to my medical license having been suspended for 30 days in […]

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Income: February 2018

Every month I publish my income from the various jobs I whore myself out to and my income for February 2018 was $9,383. It’s all pre-tax money – gross income. I was in SoCal and then NorCal for couple of weeks so my schedule was a bit hectic but I still managed to do all the […]

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Full-Time, Part-Time, or Per Diem for A Physician?

A healthy economy supplies abundant jobs, high incomes, and sexy investment returns. This is when doctors get comfortable enough in their positions to start looking around and seeing how they can improve their work-life balance. During blooming markets medical groups start expanding. They open more urgent cares, add more staff, build more medical clinics and […]

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Telemedicine Workflow For Physicians

For physicians who are interested in doing telemedicine this post will give you a little insight into how telemedicine works; I’ll share with you my telemedicine workflow for this particular telemedicine company. I wish I could tell you which telemedicine company I’m writing about but they have contacted me and asked me to remove their name […]