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Staying for the Pension

Many doctors are stuck in depressive and oppressive work environments for their pensions. They are sticking around for the promise of future money to have some dream retirement. I walked away from my own Kaiser pension at the age of 38 and discussed the value of that in that blog post. It might seem ridiculous […]

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Vesting and Pensions

Certain retirement benefits from employers require vesting. Pensions, cash balance plans, 401k matching, and money-purchase plans (401a), all will often have some vesting schedule attached to them. Vesting is like the marriage certificate – it comes with strings attached and it’s meant to keep you around even if you wanna GTFO. Taming physician mobility is […]

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Northwest Kaiser Permanente Cash Balance Plan

The Kaiser Northwest Permanente Medical Group’s Cash Balance Plan   Summary At Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, an eligible physician will have 10% of their gross salary matched by their employer into a cash balance plan every year. This money will grow at 4% every year, regardless of how the economy performs. Upon retirement or leaving […]