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Retirement for Physicians

My definition of retirement might vary from yours. Just as your definition of health is likely different from mine. I’d gander a wager that you haven’t really sat down and figured this shit out; what would retirement look like? I’ve written a lot about the topic of retirement for physicians but I have more experience […]

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Creating a Skill Course for Physicians

Whether you’re a GI doctor, neurologist, or dermatologist, there is a particular topic in which you’re quite adept. Creating a skill for physicians is a way to scratch multiple simultaneous itches. A skill you create and sell to physicians will help your colleagues, make you richer, and add to your repertoire of abilities. You can […]

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Buying Your Future Free Time

Free time to me is the time I get to spend doing what is important to me. Fortunately, buying your future free time is possible in most economies. Society and governments tell me that there is only one way to be productive in society and that I must spend the majority of my time working. […]

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Creating an Online Course for Income

Every physician has taken an online course at some point in their life. Remember those slides you had to click through from the compliance department? Lovely. Creating an online course can be a great way for digital nomad physicians to generate some income. The process of creating a digital product is fun – or at […]

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Considering Cash Flow in Retirement

There are so many ways to build a successful retirement from our medical profession. Regardless of our choice of flavor, cash flow in retirement is perhaps the most important aspect to consider. V. 1 The first version of retirement I ever contemplated was an age problem. As in, once I reach the appropriate age I […]