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More Per Diem Work in Los Angeles – Round #2

I haven’t resolved my feelings towards medicine, yet. Love the science, love the challenge, but hate the system. I have decided to head back to the US for more per diem work in Los Angeles. Will I love it, will it feel like a drag? This is round #2 for me. I have my flights […]

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The Real Cost of Locum Tenens

If you commit to a locum tenens gig for 6-12 months then you might have your traveling and housing costs covered. But if you are planning on working for a few months, the cost of locum tenens work can be ridiculous. Maybe even not worth it. I am in my second day working at a […]

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Telemedicine Workflow For Physicians

For physicians who are interested in doing telemedicine this post will give you a little insight into how telemedicine works; I’ll share with you my telemedicine workflow for this particular telemedicine company. I wish I could tell you which telemedicine company I’m writing about but they have contacted me and asked me to remove their name […]

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Process of Opening a Vanguard Individual 401k

It is said that opening an Individual (aka Solo) 401k account is tedious and time-consuming. Today I had the pleasure of opening an Individual 401k with Vanguard over the phone and it was incredibly easy and fast. Opening a Vanguard Individual 401k means a lot of tax savings and has a lot of retirement benefits. If you’re […]