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Brand Strategy for Physicians

A brand strategy for physicians is a way to tell your customer exactly who you are. This ensures that you get the ideal client, someone less likely to have friction with you or want to sue. Mainstream marketing – how others do – often doesn’t serve physicians. A brand strategy is simply a road map […]

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You Can Compete with Cleveland Clinic

I have been reading the content published by Cleveland Clinic online and it’s pretty bad. A good percentage of the stuff they publish is wrong likely because they are spending a ton of money on large marketing agencies without enough of a budget to oversee them. “Why you need Vitamin D” & “6 Steps to […]

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Instagram Marketing for Physicians

For over a year, I have been using Instagram for both of my brands. Mostly to find clients and connect with other physicians in the same space. In this post I’ll discuss my experience with Instagram. Specifically, Instagram marketing for physicians. I have also recently completed an Instagram Promotion. It’s basically an advertising campaign where […]

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Results of my Google Ads Campaign

I recently spent about $500 0n a Google Ads campaign in order to test out their marketing services. The results weren’t what I expected, which I’ll share in this post. Google Ads is a service which displays ads to a specific customer demographic. You can choose the keywords you want to use and which website […]

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Hiring a Freelancer for Your Business

I successfully hired my first contract worker to help me with a few website related tasks and that’s what this post is going to be about. I’ve tried doing it before and the experience left a lot to be desired. After 3 previously failed attempts, I found the right source and asked the right questions […]