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Medical Expert Income – the Details

I have been keeping track of my Medical Expert income in more detail and wanted to share that with you guys here. It’s been a great way for me to earn income as a digital nomad physician without having to risk a patient-doctor relationship. I have made as much as $10,000 on Medical Expert working […]

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Physical vs Virtual Practice in Medicine

It’s 2020 and for most businesses it doesn’t matter if you offer your product or services in a brick & mortar medical office or an online office. Customers, these days, have the same access to a website as a curbside business. In a physical vs virtual practice the only difference is the location – the […]

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Coaching Group #1 – February 1st, 2020

I will be hosting my first coaching group on February 1st, 2020. It’s a 6-week session with me and a group of 6 medical professionals who are interested in creating location independent income. Digital Nomad Physician Coaching For those who are interested in earning money while abroad or being able to live anywhere and generate […]

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Preparing for My Spain Trip 2018

This time around I’m heading to Seville, Spain. My last trip was to Barcelona, Spain and I was able to do some remote telemedicine work from there. The income was sufficient to pay for my overhead and even to set a little aside. My 2018 Spain trip is coming up beginning of July, just a […]