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Workplace Bullying

For those of you who have recently subscribed to the blog, welcome. Let me catch you up on my recent journey. February of this year (2017) I pulled the plug on working and I retired. Because I enjoy practicing a little (very little) urgent care medicine I decided to continue working a few shifts on […]

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How To Diversify Your Income

In this previous post I talked about the concept of income diversification and in this post I want to talk about the steps to take to diversify your income. Just like investment diversification, having multiple sources of income can prevent your employer from taking an unfavorable position against you. It’s incredibly easy for us to […]

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Jobs After Residency

Pursuing a medical career out of residency I see two main income tracks that new attendings can pursue right out of residency, one is getting a traditional job and starting to make a solid income and the other is going out on their own. This could involve either starting a private medical office or partnering […]