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Why Don’t You Have A Financial Advisor?

5 Reasons For Not Having A Financial Adviser My perspective is a bit different from other doctors online who are sharing their journey through the financial world. For one, I don’t see the need to save millions of dollars to become financially independent. Furthermore, I don’t believe the financial industry is as easy to navigate as it’s […]

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Investment Log: End Of July Investments

I realized that I haven’t reported what funds I’m actually investing my money in. I think it would be helpful in case you want to compare my investment strategy to another one you’re considering. Let’s start with my bond investments. I realize there is an impending concern with the value of bonds and potentially soon-to-rise […]

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Your Personal Dollar Amount to Walk Away From Your Job

How Much Money You Would Want to Walk Away from Your Job   Do you have an endpoint in mind when it comes to working at your current job? Some don’t think that way, they will keep working for various reasons. Some have an arbitrary end-point in mind. Some decide to walk away from their […]