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2021 Income Taxes

It was that time of year to do my 2021 income taxes. I put this off until I could get all of my documents together, and over 3 days and maybe 4 hours, I completed it. The hardest part is getting the documents that have the income reports. – that’s the 1099s and dividend reports, […]

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How Much To Charge Per Patient

Let’s do the math on spending more time per patient. That’s often the point of contention anyway, isn’t it? If you spend 1 hour per patient you wouldn’t make enough to sustain your medical career. But in fact, I’ll argue that your income per patient would be higher if you spent more time per patient. […]

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My Income & Spending June 2021

I no longer keep track of my income and spending. My income is getting tougher to track because there are several sources. And it’s usually enough to cover my spending, which isn’t much either these days. For June 2021 I earned an income from 4 main sources: The ratio of these varies from month to […]

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Transitioning from Income Earner to Investor

At some point in our lives we’ll be earning the majority of our income from our investments, not from our jobs. For most this will be in the 6th or 7th decade of life. You go from earning $140/hour seeing patients to earning nearly $1,000/hour managing your investments. Hourly Rate of Income A portfolio which […]

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April 2019 Income

My April 2019 income came out to $20,675, mostly because I received a lump sum pay for my consulting work for the past 3 months. My historical income reports. My historical spending reports. April 2019 Income As a self-employed and independent contracting physician my income is all over the place. They say that it’s really […]