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Retiring On Less Than $1M

Many financial advisors and fellow physicians say that retiring on less then $1m is impossible. In fact, The number I often hear is somewhere in the $3-5m range. You hear $5,000,000 and you start picking your nose, staring off into space. It’s hard to wrap the mind around that much money. Most of us feel […]

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Basic Investing Concepts 2019

I bought my first stock as an investment in 2001. I don’t recall the name of the company, nor which trading platform I used. The strategy was to invest in whatever came across my computer screen at the time in order to grow a tiny amount into a massive sum. My immature investment strategies have […]

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Cover The Cost Of Your Netflix Subscription

Investing To Generate A Steady Monthly Income Stream One way to teach someone about investing is to help show them a tangible consequence of putting their money to work. Businesses rarely will have money sitting idle because they know that they can make it earn them a return. Money makes money, have no doubt about […]