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Short-Term Health Insurance

I’m a healthy 40-year-old male with a BMI of 23 who doesn’t smoke. I have no heart disease in the family and don’t do any drugs. I don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions and eat a 99% whole plant-based diet. I would say that such an individual is unlikely to develop a chronic medical condition. […]

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Health Insurance Doesn’t Make Sense

The reason I am writing about health insurance is because the evolution of health insurance has created shocking gaps in healthcare. Physicians are filling these gaps in creative ways and that’s why the topic is germane. US health insurance doesn’t make sense and I am convinced and will make the argument that it’s a waste […]

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Benefit Structures For Physicians

An Overview of the Various Benefits Offered to Staff Physicians By Medical Groups This is just an overview and I’m sure there will be slight variations out there. I believe this article will be helpful to you when you start your journey of looking for jobs. Medical groups often share a lot of similarities and […]