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Health Coaching vs Practicing Medicine

As you know, I’m building my health coaching brand – again. This is my second attempt at health coaching. The first time I tried this was overwhelming, and I didn’t have a niche to focus on. Let’s talk about the main differences between health coaching vs practicing medicine. This post aims to offer my physician […]

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Updates on My Health Coaching Brand

It’s been exactly 1 year since I started my medical health coaching brand. I’ve talked about it in a few blog posts and have talked about it on my podcast as well. I started a health coaching brand because I wanted to have more options in the future as a physician. It’s also a great […]

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Physician Health Coach Legal Issues

You can give out general health-related advice online even without a health degree. As long as you aren’t stepping into clinical medicine or offering nutritional advice, you are in the clear. What about the physician who wants to distance themselves from clinical practice? A physician will have a more challenging time stepping into the physician […]