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20-Day Radical Financial Makeover

A Radical Financial Makeover Yesterday I published a 20-day guideline for physicians who want to rein in their finances. It was rather benign. I have revised it to make it a little more radical. For anyone who has truly committed themselves to a goal or process, they know that it rarely feels like a sacrifice. It’s […]

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Buying Your Future Free Time

Free time to me is the time I get to spend doing what is important to me. Fortunately, buying your future free time is possible in most economies. Society and governments tell me that there is only one way to be productive in society and that I must spend the majority of my time working. […]

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The Luxury of Free Time for a Physician

I go back and forth with my sentiments towards my current lifestyle. On one hand I don’t want to work anymore and on the other hand I love feeling productive. Regardless of my emotional roller-coaster, I have a radical appreciation for the luxury of free time. The last time I was employed was in 2017. […]

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Free Time In Retirement

I thought retirement would mean more free time, more leisure, and having fewer things to do. In fact, I was warned about boredom in retirement. Though I enjoy a lot more freedom during retirement, I don’t feel that I’m any less busy. The difference is that I really enjoy this business which I didn’t anticipate. […]