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Living on Less in the US

I’ve decided to get up and leave and live in Spain. That’s one way that I’ve managed to lower my lifestyle expenses. Since I can earn my money from US customers, I get to still enjoy a high location-independent income and spend in a cheap economy. But that’s a drastic way of living an affordable […]

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The True Cost of Food

I buy organic produce and consume a plant-based diet. I don’t buy meat or dairy groceries though on rare occasions I might have them in a social situation. Buying organic might seem expensive if we only take into consideration the numeric cost of the food. However, food isn’t just calories so we have to take […]

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Grocery Haul in Seville, Spain

I shop for groceries 4-5x a week here in Spain. Either I go to a nearby market or stop by a fruit stand. In this post I’ll talk a little about grocery budgets and share a little about my grocery shopping experience in Seville, Spain. The above picture is today’s grocery haul.   This Grocery […]