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Time Management in Primary Care

When it comes to Urgent Care medicine, I consider myself quite efficient. I was able to manage several beds simultaneously and tried to not get bogged down by relatively simple chief complaints. This was necessary in order to keep the patient flow moving smoothly. But time management in Primary Care is a totally different problem. […]

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Career Options in Family Medicine

Some medical students ended up in family medicine because they couldn’t get into a more competitive residency, while others chose it because it allows for different practice opportunities. Regardless of why you are in family medicine, it’s worth noting that there are a lot of career options in family medicine, least of which is doing primary […]

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My Early Retirement Career Plan In Urgent Care

My Path and Plan Towards Completing My Career As An Urgent Care Physician And Retiring By Age 41 2009: Making some decent cash… I was in my chief year of residency making a W2 income of 43k/yr. I made an additional 142k of 1099 income. I ended up owing only 32k in taxes, that’s the […]