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Writing the Perfect Progress Note

The veil is being lifted on documentation practices in healthcare. Whereas once large medical groups got away with monitoring their progress notes internally, big data is making it mandatory to write the perfect progress note each and every time. The standards for the perfect SOAP note are going high, especially as patients record more of […]

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Telemedicine Malpractice Risk for COVID-19

We are going to see lots of malpractice suits arise from this COVID-19 pandemic. Patients will sue for any damage suffered after intubation and they will sue for missed COVID cases. Malpractice risk exists even if these patients are seen through telemedicine. Medical boards will investigate physicians who prescribed or didn’t prescribe certain medications. Many […]

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Telemedicine Documentation Risk – SOAP Note

I’ve been doing telemedicine since 2015, and the risk of poor telemedicine documentation seems greater with virtual medicine than brick and mortar. I’ve seen a lot of poor telemedicine documentation by clinicians. Telemedicine has been through various iterations, and up until recently, no physical exam was documented. Now that insurance companies and CMS reimburse companies […]