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Deplatforming Doctors Online

Why should you care about deplatforming doctors, and how could it affect your career in the future? Though hopefully unlikely to happen to you, a platform can choose to delist you or block you. This can have downstream career consequences, which are difficult to reverse. Diversification helps whether you create your platform or work on […]

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Basic Investing Concepts 2019

I bought my first stock as an investment in 2001. I don’t recall the name of the company, nor which trading platform I used. The strategy was to invest in whatever came across my computer screen at the time in order to grow a tiny amount into a massive sum. My immature investment strategies have […]

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Multiple State Medical Licenses

If you’re a physician with a single medical license then I want you to consider getting a medical license in another state even if you don’t foresee yourself needing it or using it. My cheap ass is telling you to pay money for something so you know that I must have a good reason to […]