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Living in Oaxaca City, Mexico

I have been living in Oaxaca since early March of this year, almost 2 months now. The plan has been to go back to Spain but it hasn’t been easy as I’ll discuss here. Digital Nomad Physician First, I’ve been able to live in various places of the world because of I’m a digital nomad […]

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Running From the Medical Boards

June 2020 I decided to take down my blog, my podcast, and my YouTube channel. Now, a year later, I’ve decided to start writing again. No more running away from the medical boards. Trouble with a Telemedicien Company I was happily working for a large telemedicine company out of the UK which was moving to […]

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Results of my Google Ads Campaign

I recently spent about $500 0n a Google Ads campaign in order to test out their marketing services. The results weren’t what I expected, which I’ll share in this post. Google Ads is a service which displays ads to a specific customer demographic. You can choose the keywords you want to use and which website […]

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Some Interesting Doctor Websites

Just got an email from Dr. Liu who is also on the path to financial freedom and he told me that he found out about my website over at the Home Doctor. Dr. Liu writes over at LT Nomad. This long-term nomad is a female physician – among the very few who talks about her […]

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Telemedicine Physical Exam Template

I’ve been asked about the physical exam portion of a telemedicine visit a lot. So here is a physical exam template that you can use in order to document a physical exam on a telemedicine visit. Subjective Physical Exam Understand that the physical exam normally falls under the objective part of the SOAP note. But […]