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Biking in the rain

If you’re going to be biking in the rain, expect to get wet. But there are ways to make it more pleasant.

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The Advantage Of Not Having A Car

I woke up today, window was half-open, and there was a crisp fresh air in the apartment. I used my hand grinder and made a cup of fresh organic Brazil coffee. I used a mug that my friend Sari got me for the first time… what a thoughtful gift. I journaled for a bit and […]

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How To Start Biking

There are some great articles out there on how to start biking either for exercise or a commute. This post is specifically for anyone who wants to start commuting to a destination, regularly. I live in Portland and so I have to deal with some sun/heat and cold/rain. I’m 6′ tall and about 175 lbs. When […]

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