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Feeling Stuck in Medicine

You know that feeling of being stuck in a relationship? You aren’t ready to leave the relationship but if something happened and it ended you’d feel so relieved. That’s been my feeling towards my medical career – feeling stuck in medicine and not knowing what to do about it. I write a lot about medicine […]

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Learning Data Analytics for Physicians

I know it sounds like a boring topic but you already are a data analyst – let’s start with that. You collect data, process it, analyze it, share it, and take action based on your analysis. Learning data analytics for physicians won’t be too difficult. I have no desire to enroll in a master’s degree […]

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The Alternative Mental Health Care Space

As a young premed, I saw my future doctor-self as someone who would figure out what is wrong with the patient and suggest the right next steps. I suspect that’s the reason healthcare professionals go into the mental health space. But it’s the alternative mental health care space that is unique and is booming. As […]

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Writing the Perfect Physician Resume

If you’re applying for just another clinician job, you don’t need to write the perfect physician resume. But if you’re applying for something unique—maybe something for which you don’t have the pedigree or expertise—it’s worthwhile to spend money on an expert who can write the ideal physician resume for you. There aren’t a lot of […]

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Telemedicine Administrative Work

We often think of our chosen medical specialty as the end-all, be-all of our clinical careers. When, in fact, having a medical degree is often just the beginning for many non-clinical careers. From HIT to Utilization Review to Administrative work. These are some of the non-clinical careers which physicians can have. Many of which lend […]