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Start a Medical Gym

If you live in California you know that your best gym options leave a lot to be desired. And a gym doesn’t really need to be all that fancy. The best parts of a gym is the ambiance and the expertise of someone helping you with the exercises. So, let’s talk about how to start a medical gym.

Gyms Suck

Most gyms leave a lot to be desired. They are packed or the people working out are so intense that it’s offputting. We’re talking about the bottom-end gyms like LA Fitness or Orange or 24-Hour Fitness. I would include Gold’s Gym in that as well.

Then there are the fancy franchise gyms like Equinox. They are pretty good but still missing something. Maybe it’s the community feel or maybe it’s the ambience but they are still a bit too big to be cozy.

The Perfect Gym

The perfect gym would have just the right number of weights, a few free weights, and some exercise bands. You’d have plenty of lower and upper extremity devices along with a space to work on some compound movements.

This perfect gym, of course, would be a medical gym that a physician runs. You are the doctor who knows how to perform specific exercises based on the health characteristics of the person who walks into your gym.

The personalized attention to the gym member is what sets this gym apart. Each person can choose to have a medical evaluation and work with a physician who can guide them on the exercises but also talk about their diet and how it all relates to their health.


How to Start a Medical Gym

I would start by finding a local private gym and teaching patients out of there. You can also partner up with a physical therapist who might have some gym equipment in their office.

Ideally, you’d get a business loan to build out a space with either new or used gym equipment. You’ll likely need far less equipment than you think. It’s worthwhile to spend some money to make the place be cozy – somewhere people actually like to spend their afternoon working out.

How Much to Charge for a Medical Gym

If you have any high-end gyms in your area then you know a market exists. How much work do you want to do and how much do you want to earn? What results do you think you can achieve with your patients?

You’ll likely get many young professionals who need help staying in shape or getting back in shape. Your other demographic might be elderly individuals who want professional guidance.

At $200 per month, you can afford to walk around the gym and work with individuals here and there. A private session should be closer to $250 per person. If you have 10 people in your gym area at a time and each person comes in 3x per week for 1.5 hours per session you can have around 100 members signed up per month.

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