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Spending For October 2015

How Much I Spent October 2015

I am not a fan of being terribly nit picky when it comes to expenses. There has to be a healthy balance. Some people have developed a healthy relationship with money, likely by having good role models.

Spending (or not spending) is not at all intuitive for me. Left to my urges I would be bankrupt. Fortunately, I’m quite anal retentive. I have learned that money is a tool, a vehicle – the purpose it serves for me is to buy me a degree of freedom.

I have mentioned my spendy days before. I used to have an overhead in the $8,500 range. It wasn’t until 2012 when I realized that I could do something more than just spend in pursuit of happiness. In 2014 my expenses were still in the $4,000 range. Finally, when I moved to Portland, I was able to lower my expenses to a more sustainable amount.

Here is what I spent last month, $2,119.

October 2015 expenses for Dr. Mo. $2,119

Rent is as good as it’s gonna get. I’m very content with my tiny little studio and the tiny little fridge and the tiny little bathroom.

Even though I maintain a healthy physique and weight for my height I still don’t eat the best. I’m vegan so it’s not the quality of the food I eat, it’s the binging which I have written about in the past. That explains the grocery and restaurant expenses which is quite high for one single dude.

The travel expenses are for the times that I have had to take Uber. I don’t own a car so this isn’t commuting expenses for me. It’s work related expenses which I will be able to deduct a portion of on my taxes.

Hobbies is gym membership, playing sports, ping-pong and buying sporting related equipment.

Entertainment is my internet connection which I mostly use for watching Netflix. I could use the apartment’s internet connection which is provided for free but it’s slow and probably not as secure as I like.

Home maintenance is buying 2 chairs and some other things I needed to make my apartment more comfortable.

My neighbor walked in one time to fetch her cat that was chilling at my place… she looked around and said: “I hope you’re not planning on bringing any girls over because your place looks like a serial killer apartment!”.

What?! I thought my place was clean and stylish. Apparently, a mattress on the floor and biking maps on the wall without any furniture looks a bit.. odd. So, my place is much nicer now (my neighbor agrees).

Utilities … what can I say… how awesome is that? I only pay for electricity. At $16 it means I’m not cooking enough.

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