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Spending For November 2015

How Much I Spent November 2015

Yea… got a little out of hand. Made it rain in Portland! Total spent in November was $3,227. I would say that I spent $800 more than I wanted/needed to.

Total spending for November 2015.

Rent is the same as before. This should go down in the next few months once my condo purchase is complete and I move into it.

Restaurants, shit… that got a little out of hand. I picked up a $165 tab because I may have overstimulated my GABA and 5-HT receptors a bit too much… 6 drinks will do that to you. The rest of the spending was from eating out to much… Dr. Mo dropped the ball in this category. Oh and a few binging episodes.

Grocery spending was way higher than normal for me. I looked through it and I guess I just made too many Trader Joe’s trips. It’s okay though, thankfully I also cooked a lot at home these past 2 weeks. Gonna keep up that momentum.

Clothing and Entertainment also were higher than usual. I needed some thick jackets so I bought a pair of used ones which I am very happy with. Entertainment was just going to the movies a few too many times. I am dating someone on a more regular basis so her and I been socializing a bit more than usual. Ahh, young love… so adorable!

My cell phone expenses through Ting were only $13, pretty good. Home internet is $29 and I have $150 in advisory fees which is for my financial adviser and a podcast that I’m subscribed to. I really should not include these as expenses… they are more like investments.

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