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Some Interesting Doctor Websites

Just got an email from Dr. Liu who is also on the path to financial freedom and he told me that he found out about my website over at the Home Doctor.

Dr. Liu writes over at LT Nomad. This long-term nomad is a female physician – among the very few who talks about her career in medicine openly. I recommend checking her out and following her work.

I was just talking about this today, every single physician out there should have their own blog. They should have their own book, podcast, IG, or YouTube channel.

Own Your Name

There are so few of us. We do such unique things. It’s unfathomable for us to not own our story.

Because if you don’t own it, someone else will. That’s how important you are. You are at the top of the career food chain. Even if your humble self wants to deny it.

Type your name into a search engine and look at how many shady companies are writing things about you online.,,,,

Secure Your Identity

What do you do if another person claims to be you and starts blogging under your name. Ordering meds under your name. Writing a book or filing taxes under your name.

All of these things have happened and continue to happen. When you own your identity and have a proven online track record, it’s much harder for someone to assume your identity.

And even if they do, the damage will be less.

Starting Your Online Presence

  1. go to
  2. register or
  3. install free wordpress on your website through siteground
  4. start posting interesting clinical articles and write a commentary
  5. or talk about life or patient visits or poetry
  6. post videos of yourself
  7. or post photos

It’s the same thing whether you’re creating your own podcast or YT channel or start an Instagram channel.

The Home Doctor

Dr. H writes over at the Home Doctor. He/She finished residency in 2014 and since 2019 has been a telemedicine doctor.

Great to see him talk about his career transition and the life of being a father. This is what we need more of. So that medical students and residents can see what we went through and choose for themselves what’s right for them.

2 replies on “Some Interesting Doctor Websites”

I’m not sure about this strategy.
Putting more info with pictures, etc. on the web may open up more avenues, no? Isn’t it easier to take the identity of a person you know about and have pictures of, etc?
Starting a website is no easy task. To make a secure website safe to spammers is even harder. A doctor with few technical skills throwing up an unsecured website may not reduce the risk. Am I wrong?
p.s. Are you on Twitter? I would share your stuff a lot more if you had ‘share buttons’ on your posts.

WD, I agree with you that if it’s not done right then it can backfire. But that might be true with any kind of technology, and so using it the way it was intended is important. Which isn’t too tough to do with a website or a podcast or hosting online media.
For anyone who is worried about curating it all themselves, I suppose one could use or and host it there. Those websites just make it that much easier to have built-in security.
For me, a wordpress website like mine which comes with all of the plugins built in, I am not too worried about getting myself into too much trouble. Hiring someone to handle the website design and the tech side of it might be a good option as well.
I’m on twitter for my medical health coach brand but not for UCC. I’ll start adding share buttons, good idea.

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