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Shopping for EMRs – Practice Software

I am looking to upgrade my EMR (electronic medical record) software for my telemedicine practice and now shopping for EMRs. There are some good options, but it’s not cheap.

I created this video to review some of the most common EMRs for cash-based telemedicine practice. I got some suggestions from Reddit and continued my search from there.

Practice Software Features

The term EMR or EHR is used interchangeably. But for the solo practice physician, we need more than a place to document a SOAP note.

I also need:

  • patient scheduling
  • patient portal
  • lab review
  • e-prescribing
  • telemedicine visits
  • billing

EMR Cost

From my video above, you’ll see that a good entry point is somewhere around $300 per month.

~$300 per month, perhaps is the nicest option out of all of these. But I must complete 3 patient visits at $100 each to cover the cost. That’s a lot.

The other practice software competitors fall somewhere in the same price range. Most will nickel and dime you for extra things you need.

~$100 per month

I can piece something together with Doxy, Medchartz, and RxNT for under $100 per month.

RxNT is really the most important tool for me. The documentation part isn’t hard with the small volume of patients I want to have in my virtual telemedicine practice.


Shopping for EMRs I realized that I could do it for free. Which is what I have done in the past.

I already have a business account with Google ($10/mo), and I can use the Doximity dialer to make my phone calls.

OpenEMR or other free software options are available as well. But you’re giving up a lot.

Top Practice Software Companies

Here is a list of the top practice software options. Comment below if you have other favorites.

Atlas MD

Akute Health


Practice Better

Elation Health

Dr Chrono

Athena Health


Practice Fusion

Next Gen

Getting Support

With any kind of service – and that’s really what you’re buying, a service, not a product – you need ongoing support.

The best way to gauge if you’re getting good support is to look at how well the website is put together for your top competing practice software companies.

Calling them and emailing them, and using their chatbots should yield good results as well.

If you can’t get through now, forget it. You won’t get through later when you have a glitch or trouble with tech.

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