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SCPMG Charles Schwab Keogh Retirement Plan at Kaiser Permanente

If you’re a partner physician at SCPMG then you’ll have your Keogh retirement plan held at Charles Schwab. It’s not the easiest website to navigate but don’t make the mistake of leaving your assets alone.

As a partner you’ll have thousands of dollars contributed on your behalf by Kaiser Permanente every month. Every-month. If that money is sitting around collecting dust at Charles Schwab then you’ll miss out on some serious profits.

In this video I’ll show you the basics of accessing your Charles Schwab retirement account at Your HR and benefits manager can help you with the sign-on.

Once you know how the CS interface works, you can decide where to invest your money. You can keep it simple by investing in a target retirement fund or their VTSAX equivalent. Of course, that all depends on your risk tolerance and investment horizon.


SCPMG Keogh Retirement Plan With Charles Schwab

You only need to access the website once a year, give or take. Take the first step of making sure that your future contributions go towards the correct funds. Next, log in the next time to rebalance your asset allocation, if you have more than 1 fund.

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