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Rebranding My Virtual Clinic

It’s been a couple of years since I started Digital Nomad Health, my virtual medical practice. I call myself a preventionist and even do house calls, among other shenanigans. As with any business, it’s good to assess whether it’s still in line with your passions, and that’s what sparked the rebranding of my virtual clinic.

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Rebranding a Virtual Clinic

A virtual clinic is a whole different beast from a brick-and-mortar practice. It has its own challenges, such as the lack of precedence for this concept. You are the vanguard.

And as such, you can also do whatever the fuck you want, basically. You don’t have to fit the mold of an old-style medical practice, and I can rebrand my clinic to fit my patients and me better.

A physical practice might get an interior remodel, an exterior facelift, new medical equipment, or more parking spaces. A virtual practice can benefit from the following rebranding strategies:

  • Marketing
    • Name/logo
    • Website design
    • Branding
    • Adding or growing Social Media
    • Email marketing
    • SEO strategies (on page/off page)
  • Defining services
  • Outlining benefits to patients
  • Engaging with employees (B2B)

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Planning Your Rebranding Strategy

1. What’s the current perception of your virtual practice?

  • Do potential patients understand what you’re doing?
  • Is it easy to sign up?
  • Are there enough price points and price levels?
  • Is it easy to reach you or your office?
  • Are patients getting the value they are paying for?

2. Who are worthy competitors?

  • What are other similar practices offering?
  • Do you have too many competitors?
  • Does your customer service stack up?
  • Is your website as good as your best competitor?
  • Why would a patient choose a competitor?
  • Can you partner up with your competition?

3. What’s the vision for the rebrand?

  • Grow the practice
  • Get rid of the wrong patients
  • Retain the better patients
  • More professional
  • Less overhead & stress
  • More patient access
  • More free time for you

4. What are the most important values of your brand?

  • Excellent customer service
  • Incredible science
  • Unmet patient needs
  • Easy patient access
  • Clear communication
  • Empathy
  • Technology

5. Who is your ideal target audience?

  • More pediatric patients
  • More elderly
  • More executive physicals
  • Healthier patients
  • More complex care
  • More med refills
  • Home visits

6. What are the key objectives?

  • Attracting new clients
  • Getting higher paying clients
  • More patient engagement
  • Making your services clearer to patients
  • Offering more services
  • Cutting back on clutter
  • Adding more technology

Reason for Rebranding Digital Nomad Health

When I first branded DNH, the goal was to serve fellow digital nomads. Then, I thought I’d dabble in some virtual DPC work. Sure, it was all over the place, but building anything was messy at first. Then you refine and redesign and it starts shaping up.

When I meet new people, and they ask what I do, I always have a tough time explaining my practice. You kind of have to know what you do. How else are others supposed to?

You know, I kinda see patients online. No, I don’t have a physical practice? Paps? Yea, no, I don’t really do that.

No, it’s more like prevention thing. Oh, and I do house calls. No, nobody really wants house calls. But you know…=

In addition, I had a separate heart health coaching practice, which I’m winding down because I want to incorporate some of the coaching into my virtual clinic.

My Rebranding Steps

1. Marketing

Marketing and branding go hand in hand. Previously I was focused on running ads which wasn’t as high-yield for me.

Moving forward, I will focus on my own unique social media and SEO marketing to highlight the prevention work I’ll do.

My objective with this rebrand is to make the practice stand out more uniquely and make what I’m doing for the patient very clear.

2. Practice Simplification

I have too many lead-ins right now. Meaning that I have too many places where patients can reach out to me to join my practice. I feel diluted.

The main source now will be the website. I’ll offer a discovery call or else the patient can sign up directly from my website.

3. Pricing Strategy

I was at the same price level as DPCs. I still like to offer direct care pricing on par with DPCs because I believe in that model. However, I’ll only do that for employers now for their workforce.

The pricing strategy for my prevention work is going to be $200/mo with mandatory annual 5% inflation built it. Makes it easier.

4. Patient Services

I want my risk scoring to be front and center. I put a lot of effort into it, and I have some ideas about how to market it as my lead magnet.

My patients should know exactly what they are and what they’re not getting from me. This will make for a more transparent interaction and happier customers.

5. Automation

I want things to be as hands-off as possible. You sign up, you get all the info, and you know exactly what you can and can’t do with me and my practice.

Some say you should automate from the get-go, but I think it’s better to build what you want and then build the automation on the backend.

6. Staff Training

I’m not using a VA the way I should be using a VA. And the VAs I’m using I’m not using properly. So I’m all sorts of fucked up with my virtual assistants. I have a lot of room for improvement.

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