Private Medical Care

My clinical practice is online. In it, I have only a handful of patients who pay me an ongoing monthly fee for my medical advice and care.

The current western medical system is complex and insecure. Your privacy as a patient is often not protected and HIPAA has been used to collect your private health information for maximizing health insurance billing.

You can reach out to me directly here or on my WhatsApp link on the main page.

I charge $1,500 per month for unlimited access to me and my practice. Whether you only have an occasional question for me or need me to speak live with your admitting physician in the ICU, I am available to you.


I accept any payment system you can think of, from bartering to crypto to cash.

So, if your intention is to stay anonymous, we can accomplish that. We will discuss the details once you reach out to me.

Your payment doesn’t tie you to any obligation. Nor does your payment guarantee any specified service from me. The payment will serve as our contract and no patient-doctor relationship will be formed unless we both agree and sign a document to that extent, otherwise.


Each of my clients has a different need. Some want to remain anonymous, which I can accommodate.

My anonymous practice is more complex and you can reach out to me on various channels to discuss in more detail.

Each person has personal reasons as to why they want to keep their health issues private. For this, we would not enter an official patient-doctor relationship which allows me to offer your guidance without knowing your identity.

Concierge Clinical Care

I don’t offer concierge medicine. I understand the definition of it and how it is being used in our current health economy. I can certainly recommend many of my colleagues who have solid concierge practices if that’s what you are looking for.

A concierge practice allows you unlimited access to a physician in the US healthcare system. That physician will be required to practice within the guidelines of the current US healthcare system.

My Private Practice

In order to offer my particular practice model, there are certain steps we need to take in order for me to deliver the kind of care you need. I will share this information with you in a timely manner.

I believe that anonymity is important in this current health economy. It protects you as a patient and allows me to give you the kind of expert advice which isn’t controlled by for-profit agencies.

At the same time, you might want an expert physician on your side regardless of where you are in the world, someone who can prescribe you medications directly, and store your detailed health information. I can do that as well.