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Physician Telemedicine Course

Who would have thought that my physician telemedicine course would become this popular. Well, with this current viral outbreak, there are a lot more telemedicine visits being performed.

I created this course over a year ago and started selling it for $15. Then I bumped the price up to $50, $150, then $300, and now it’s at $500.

It’s important to point out that I sold more when I raised the price. Such is the mentality of the average consumer – believing that you get what you pay for.

For a while I tried pushing the course to telemedicine companies but after 2 rejections I realized that it’s better for me to have more control over the content and the price.

Learning Telemedicine Skills

The point of this virtual medicine course was to increase throughput, as in, to see more patients per hour. That’s because we’re getting paid per patient.

But it’s not just about the money. I had colleagues and people on this website telling me that they can only see 4 patients per hour. What’s the point of telemedicine if you are seeing less patients virtually than in person?

Moving forward, telemedicine and virtual medicine will be the backbone of healthcare. That’s my prediction and I’m quite comfortable with it.

My Telemedicine Credentials

I have worked for every large telemedicine company from Roman to Teladoc to Doctor on Demand.

I have maintained an almost perfect patient satisfaction score of nearly 99% or 4.9 stars – however each company measures it.

And I have always earned at the very least $200/hour on each platform. Often higher.

I have also had a prescribing rate of under 20%, usually around 16% on the general telemedicine platforms. Compare that to about 80% for the other providers.

Physician Telemedicine Course

This particular physician telemedicine course which I created is a little over 2 hours in length and has 18 sections.

You can pay the $500 in five $100 monthly payments by going through this link. That’s a very good price for this course because you can make that money back in under 3 hours.

You can earn $200-$250/hour with telemedicine. That’s much better than the $75-100 that many of you seem to be earning now.

The point of the course isn’t just to increase you income but to also decrease your practice risk and improve your patients satisfaction scores.

1. Improving Access

Telemedicine is great because it improves access. Case in point, the current viral outbreak isn’t holding us back from seeing patients, thanks to virtual medicine.

This physician telemedicine course helps you see more patients. Yes, that improves your income but that’s just a side effect of doing the right thing for patients.

2. Increasing Income

When you see more patients, and you are paid per patient that you see, you can improve your income by seeing more patients. Obvi.

But, if you see a ton of patients and burn out or get sued, well, then you’re financially fucked. So, we have to do it in a logical and sustainable manner.

That’s exactly what this course goes over. It helps you develop a nice system that fits your personality the most.

3. Decreasing Risk

There is some risk to practicing telemedicine, but it’s much lower than seeing patients in-person.

In this physician telemedicine course I try to focus on every single risk you encounter. From burnout to malpractice suits to a potential medical board investigation.

I even discuss which telemedicine companies to avoid and which to work for so that you don’t get caught up in some telemedicine scandal.

4. Improved Service

We all want to be good doctors, we all want our patients to be healthier and have better outcomes.

Telemedicine is interesting because it could lead to over-prescribing, and if often does. But it can also be a great way to empower a patient and let them manage their own clinical course without unnecessary interventions.

In this course I teach you exactly how to phrase certain sentences, how to deliver a “no” and how to empower the patient.

5. Quality of Care

Quality of care is very objective, I get that. In mainstream medicine it’s measured by lab values and readmission rates.

But in the real world is whether the patient improved based on your medical suggestions and/or interventions.

That’s why I go through a ton of sample cases and sample scenarios so that you are totally prepared even if you haven’t done urgent care or primary care in eons.

6. Patient Satisfaction

Having a happy patients means a lower risk of getting sued or getting a patient complaint.

The average health consumer isn’t very savvy and so their expectations aren’t always realistic. That’s why I have a whole section dedicated to this and go over my strategies in detail.

7. Prescribing Rates

The more you prescribe the more risk you’re exposing yourself to. It’s the medicine you prescribed which could create a poor outcome; it’s rarely the medicine you didn’t prescribe which’ll get you in trouble.

Prescirbing also takes time and you’ll ahve to deal with pharmacies and submission errors and coverage issues.

I’ll tell you exactly how to avoid prescribing meds when they aren’t needed in this virtual medicine course.

8. Difficult Cases

The outlier cases are the worst ones. Dealing with 100 easy cough and cold cases is nothing. But it takes one drug seeker or an elderly patient with fevers and weakness to bring you down.

I got through many “red flag” cases and I discuss how to deal with difficult patients in this physician telemedicine course so that you are totally prepared.

I share my own stories so that you know what I have seen and how I successfully dealt with them.

3 replies on “Physician Telemedicine Course”

Any suggestions for consent forms and/or pre-screening questionnaires. I’m closing in on getting a telehealth business running, but I’m stumped regarding said forms. Are there any resources available?


All telemedicine software providers offer that capabilities. or if you’re designing your own telemedicine platform the you can use an API to pull in such forms. A lawyer can draw it up for you.

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