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Your Physician Sex Life is Not Private

If you’re the average US citizen, you can engage in whatever kinky shit you fathom. But when you’re a physician, your sexual preferences are no longer your own personal business. The state medical board can and will ask you rather salacious questions about your physician sex life.

Falling on the Medical Board Radar

Imagine you are dating a hottie, and things go south. You ghost her, or she leaves you for someone else. A few months later, your hottie contacts you again, and you tell her off. Now she’s pissed and threatens to do something to your reputation.

She goes on the state medical board website and files a report against you, claiming that you took advantage of her. Maybe that you were even rough with her in some rather intimate circumstances.

You get a call from a state medical board investigator who wants to talk to you. And you have nothing to hide so you confidently walk into the lion’s den and get interrogated for 3 hours by 3 investigators.

Your Dating Practices

The state medical board exists to protect patients from doctors. That’s not an opinion. That’s the purpose of the state medical board. And as long as you’re not on their radar you’re a good little girl, good little boy.

When you do fall on their radar, if you’re a woman, the board will commonly try to label you as incompetent, depressed, or substance addicted. If you are a man, it’s usually inappropriate sexual behavior, fraud, or unprofessional conduct.

Dating your patients is an obvious one; there is no need to discuss that here; just don’t do it. If you do decide to do it, be sure to terminate your patient-doctor relationship officially, and that patient should be in the most sound state of mind. And if you’re a psychiatrist or substance abuse doctor, then you should never date your patients, even if they are ex-patients.

If you date on kinky websites or have a habit of dating prostitutes, just remember that the state medical board can come and claim that you are behaving inappropriately. After all, the state medical board is a rather conservative bunch, and your American citizenship freedoms don’t apply when church-going investigators are interrogating you.

Disgruntled Ex-Lovers

If you terminate old flings, be sure to do it appropriately and fairly. Tell them why and how, and keep a copy of any text messages you might have sent.

But also remember that the state medical board can confiscate your laptop and phone and go through it. Many doctors have had medical board investigators show up to their work with the sheriff and asked to hand over their phone or laptop.

I’m not trying to scare any dudes on here, but remember that as a man, you are considered dangerous, and if a claim is made against you, it’s on you to prove that person is wrong.

There is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty in administrative law.

Though undoubtedly some people need just to be ghosted it’s a bad habit. It leaves everyone upset and exposes you to unnecessary risk. Pick up the phone and talk to the person. If they don’t take your call, send a text or even a letter.

Exchanging Sex for Money?

No, of course, you’re not doing that! But let’s imagine for a second that when your honey puts out, you buy her stuff. And on more than one occasion, you text her that if she does ^@#$, then you’ll buy her some fancy schmancy purse or phone.

Getting a happy ending in a massage parler? Yeap, there’ve been docs who have been busted for that.

Getting sex workers in Vietnam?

Your Online Profile

More than one medical board investigator has gone undercover to expose a physician who has engaged in inappropriate online conduct.

Remember, under the Medical Practice Act, you must uphold the professionalism of medicine. For better or worse, you are representing that state with your state medical license.

Even if you do it anonymously, the state medical board can sue you before an administrative law judge, who can say you are the persona on that dating profile. They don’t have to prove that it’s you.

Get Help, If You Need It

If you are engaging in activities that seem out of control to you or are feeding an itch you just can’t scratch, get help. You might think that there is no cure for your obsession but there almost always is.

Any time you use another human being as a means to an end, it’s considered morally wrong. Even if that person consents, even if that person welcomes it, there is something morally wrong.

I’m not judging you morally. I don’t know you, and I don’t care what you do. But I don’t want you throwing away your career and burning your ability to help patients because of something you’re doing that’s likely hurting another person and might one day bite you in the ass.

Being raised as a guy in this sex-obsessed country, it’s quite normal to develop odd obsessions. And some of these obsessions can be played out in the bedroom safely with a very consenting partner who can comprehend all ramifications. But when there is a major power dynamic between you and that person, it’s often a major issue.

Get An Attorney

If the state medical board ever contacts you, get an attorney. Remember that the medical board genuinely wants to make sure you aren’t doing something that will put patients at risk.

Yes, there are some asshole investigators who will abuse their position and try to incriminate you. For those exact reasons, you need an attorney to ensure that the questions you are asked are appropriate.

If you are contacted out of the blue, let’s say on the phone, and the medical board investigator starts rattling off questions, the best answer is “I would prefer to talk to my attorney before answering any questions.”

Why, do you have something to hide?

“Not at all; it’s just that my attorney told me that any time I’m contacted by any legal entity, I should speak to them first.”

So you are saying that you won’t answer my questions. You realize that you are not complying with the ivestigation?

“I don’t mean to interfere with your investigation. I can answer any pressing questions if you feel that a patient’s life is in immediate danger, and I can call you back in the next hour with my attorney to answer any further questions. My goal is to comply with the board 100%.”

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